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25 Free Photo Image Libraries | For Website Developers And Bloggers

25 Free Photo image Libraries for website developers and bloggers , “A picture is worth a thousand words“. Images not only gives a great visual impact but also conveys its meaning more effectively than a text description does. But the question is from where to get legally free images to use on our website or blog.

So, today, I am going to share some of the great websites where you can find great free photo images/ pictures to use legally on your website.

  1. Pixabay: I love this website. One of my favorite. Over 1300000 high quality photos, illustrations, and vector graphics. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.
  2. Flicker: A great big website with millions of photos and many are free to use. Photographers on Flicker can license their images for reuse (or not); to find those that are available for republication, use advanced search.
  3. It’s another such site to give you full access to high quality images. If you find it difficult to find out high quality images on flicker then you must try this photo searching website. This website basically searches images that you can use directly on your website with an attribution. The results are much better than searching images directly on flicker.
  4. Google Creative Commons Image Search: Google Advance Search allows you to specify exactly what you are looking for. Take advantage of the usage rights filters on the Advanced Search and Advanced Image Search pages to find web content (such as text, videos, or images) you can reuse, share, or modify. You can use operators in the search box; Find pages that are similar to, or link to, a URL; Search pages you’ve visited; Customize your search settings.
  5. Wikimedia Commons: I think this website does not need any introduction. A gigantic repository of free images, sound and other multimedia files. Public domain images are not copyrighted, and copyright law does not restrict their use in any way.  Images of Wikimedia Commons include public domain images and a huge collection of Creative Commons- licensed copyrighted work.
  6. Amazing Textures: Metal, brick, wood and so on: useful for the backgrounds of your website. Free for non- commercial use and $20 subscription for commercial use.
  7. FreeFoto: More than 125,000 nicely organized pictures. Free for commercial use with link back to site.
  8. Stockock.xchng: Over 450,000 free stock pictures, free for commercial use (some photographers have additional terms, e.g. you have to notify them of use). Always worth checking this website before you think of buying some photos!
  9. ImageAfter: Free high resolution images. Free for commercial use but the thumbnails are too small.
  10. Free Digital This website provides free image downloads for both corporate and personal use. Images are free but you need to give a credit to “”. Images can be manipulated, edited, have text overlaid, or be combined. No registration is required see the terms of use for more information. There are options to buy high resolution version for print use. Collection is small but good quality and particularly nice food section.
  11. Unsplash: Beautiful, free photos. Gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers. here you can find beautiful high quality free images and photos which you can download and use for any project. No attribution required.
  12. Photocase: Download credits received in exchange for uploaded pictures, or can be purchased. Some quirky and unusual shots are found here.
  13. New Dinosaurs: If you are in search for the pictures of dinosaurs then this is a great fun website but pretty specialist. Contact individual artists for permission to use images. They’ve always just said “yes” to my non- commercial usage requests.
  14. Free for commercial use with attribution and link back. Nice architecture section may be explored here.
  15. NASA: Yes, you can use NASA images. They are free to use with attribution.
  16. I love this website. Free for commercial use with attribution. Explore some good images of Egypt, Israel and Near East sections of world.
  17. From Old Books: scanned images from old books. Some public domain, some copyright, some free for Non- commercial use.
  18. Morgue File: Free for commercial use, to remix, without attribution. This website is a great source for images for redistributed website themes.
  19. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): You will find loads of free images to use with attribution. There are weather, coastlines, animals and treasures of the library here.
  20. OpenPhoto: Open Photo is a high-quality photo sharing platform created in 1998. Contributors offer their images for free under terms of Creative Commons licensing and usage conditions vary from image to image. Here you can find out images on any specific topic, to help you to search images- there is a tag cloud like widget on this website.
  21. Stockvault: Free for non- commercial use only, more than 13,000 photos.
  22. Woophy: Pictures of “our world” (cityscapes, landmarks, geography) organized by clickable world map. Low-resolution images for non- commercial use only are found here.
  23. Visipix: Free stock Images for blogger. For me this website is the biggest art museum in the world. Free with link back to author and Visipix. Has fine art as well as photos, but the ads get to be very intrusive.
  24. Search and download from millions of HD stock photos, royalty free images, clip-arts, vectors, illustrations and more.
  25. National Gallery of Art: More than 25,000 art images to offer you, National Gallery of Art has free downloadable and re-usable images. Each image is accompanied by a snippet of information on the original artist behind it together with an option to browse through related works.

Though, this is small collection of free photo library. If you know some other free website not listed here, kindly do not hesitate to share with us by commenting below.

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