Chicken Cooking Hacks

Chicken Cooking Hacks | Every woman should try this

Chicken Cooking Hacks are very easy to apply in your kitchen. For many home cooks, chicken is the go-to protein of choice. That’s because it’s cheap, easy to make, and everybody likes it.  Luckily, with a few clever cooking tricks, you can make sure you won’t ever eat sad, dry chicken again. There are simple ways to guarantee your chicken is perfectly cooked every time and you might discover new ways to marinate or season that you haven’t thought of before.

To make super crispy skin, start cooking it in a cold pan to slowly render out the fat.

This lets the chicken and pan heat up together allowing enough time for the fat to render out as the meat cooks .just remember to pierce the skin a few times before cooking it.

Soak in a simple saltwater solution.

Many people brine their Thanksgiving turkey, but did you know that the same technique can be applied to boneless chicken breasts? By quickly submerging them in a saltwater bath, you’ll make sure they turn out moist and juicy every time. See how to do it here.

Rub them in salt a few hours before cooking.

This might sound complicated, but just think of it as seasoning the chicken in advance. It doesn’t take much effort and produces a similar result to a wet brine (but takes up way less space in the fridge). Read more about it here.

Use a hand mixer to shred.

Instead of shredding by hand, use a hand mixer to quickly shred chicken breasts into small pieces (just make sure they’re still hot so it shreds easily). See how to do it here.

Tenderize by marinating it in yogurt.

Yogurt not only tastes great, but makes an amazing marinade thanks to lactic acid. It helps break down the protein, tenderizes it, and is the perfect blank canvas for adding whatever flavor you want to it.

When roasting , remove the backbone and flatten it.

This is great because you get the flavor of whole-roasted chicken without the long cooking time. Removing the backbone also makes it lay flat so you can easily grill it without having to prop it up.

Poach chicken breasts in milk to make them super tender and full of flavor.

Just like yogurt, milk not only makes a delicious sauce after poaching, but helps tenderize the chicken as it cooks. Learn how to do it here.

Rub mayonnaise before roasting it to give it a beautiful golden color.

Mayonnaise makes the perfect rub because the fat helps the skin crisp up and it’s thick enough so you won’t have to baste or reapply it (unlike melted butter or oil). Learn how to do it here.

Cook it on a panini press.

It’ll give you that wonderful charred flavor without having to fire up the grill (and works great with boneless breasts as well). See how to do it here.

Bake them in a parchment paper packet.

This old school technique not only saves you on clean up, but helps keep the chicken super moist. Fill the packet with whatever aromatics you have on hand, and feel free to make them in advance

Instead of basting your roast chicken, soak a cheesecloth in butter and drape it over as it cooks.

This helps get the skin browned and crisp without having to baste it. you don’t even have to mess with it once. This tutorial shows how to do this with a turkey, but the technique also works for chicken.

Put a piece of parchment paper over your chicken breasts before roasting.

This might sound ridiculously simple (because it is), but the parchment paper acts like a protective skin and prevents the outside of the meat from drying out.

Toss wings in salt and baking soda before frying them to make them super crispy.

This draws out the excess moisture and helps get the skin nice and crisp

Cook chicken breasts in just eight minutes by using a pressure cooker or Instant Pot.

This method helps speed up the cooking time and also works well with frozen chicken breasts.


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