Enjoy Solo Life Love Yourself | Small tricks helps life

Enjoy Solo Life Love Yourself | Small tricks helps lifeLearn to love yourself unconditionally without fail, and find the time to explore and indulge yourself.  If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not objects or a person, Albert Einstein had said. These days, psychologists, happiness coaches and meditation gurus are going a step further and saying that the first step to lead a happy life on a day-to-day basis begins when one makes self-love the first goal of life. It doesn’t mean one stops caring for other people; the mantra of self-love is to set happiness goals for yourself, without expectations from others, or involving loved ones. Self-love does not depend on gender or marital status. Whether married or single, man or woman, people are travelling alone, romancing and indulging themselves and even marrying themselves!

Enjoy Solo Life

A Japanese travel company recently started a new service to let women enjoy solo weddings – marrying without the groom. Single women enjoy all the fun and glamour of the Big Day, including spending the honeymoon night in a fancy hotel. Whether you are single or married, man or woman – travelling alone, pampering yourself and loving yourself unconditionally has to be taken seriously. Jean Fain, author of The Self-Compassion Diet, says, “The notion of kindness to the self needs to be spread. Unless there’s a conscious effort to love oneself, we’d all get caught up in the frenzy of our hectic daily schedules and be unhappy.”

Romance alone

Snow White doesn’t wait for Prince Charming to find and love her – she saves herself with a kiss and hug; neither does Sleeping Beauty wait for the prince to wake her from her eternal sleep – she too wakes herself up, gives herself a tight hug and kiss. Middle Eastern artist Saint Hoax gave a new, bold message to young women in his series, `Save Yourself’, where he removed men from fairy tales and replaced them with princesses kissing and hugging themselves. He says, “My series is about self-love. The message is: don’t wait for anyone. When you love yourself, it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to love anyone else. On the contrary, once you understand and appreciate yourself, it’s much easier to love other people.”

Love yourself

Women should stop looking outwards at anyone else to make themselves happy. Be committed to yourself to experience joy. Give yourself happiness, love, respect, and only if you can treat yourself right, can you show it to others.

Self kindness

We look for approval for every little thing we do. Loving yourself will raise your self-esteem. How do you love yourself? Create a self-love ritual, evolve spiritually, treat your body as your temple. Let go of negative people and episodes. Loving yourself is all about finding your happy place and being there.

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