Healthy Tips to Reduce Belly Fat after Pregnancy

Healthy Tips to Reduce the Belly Fat after Pregnancy

When I was pregnant my family members shower all their love and care upon me. Usually, their love and care come in the form of food, full of ghee, milk, dry fruits and so on. And all that results in pounds of extra weight which I gained during pregnancy. During my pregnancy, I gained so much weight that I was literally, rolling like a ball in my house, even I can’t sit properly. Life had become very difficult for me. Post pregnancy, I strive to get back in shape which somehow, I managed by following some of the steps mentioned below. But that belly fat, it was still there. I want to get rid of that baby belly desperately. So, I consulted my doctor and do a lot of research and found some nice natural ways of removing the belly fat.

But before going through these steps just keep in mind that it takes time for our body, especially our belly to fully recover from our pregnancy. Shedding those extra few kilos will take some considerable time along with a dedicated effort and a ‘never say die’ attitude. Because it took nine months to gain that fat so it is natural and justifiable to take as much time to lose also… Don’t lose patience; just take 7-8 weeks to actually analyze correctly how much baby fat is there for you to reduce.

Why am I Still Looking Pregnant After Delivery?

Even after delivering the baby, most women look like they are 6-7 months pregnant. Somewhat like a balloon, the midsection will still be round, full and squishy. It takes considerable time for the body to lose that pregnancy belly, and for some women the pregnancy pouch never really goes away. Because most of the stretching happens at the abdomen, losing the same requires more effort and dedication. However, post childbirth, hormones starts contracting the uterus. Within 2 months, your uterus will be more or less its original size. That is exactly the right time to know how much weight you have actually put on.

Natural Ways to get your pre- pregnancy body


Breastfeeding not only benefits the baby but has an immense benefit for you too. Breastfeeding is a great way of reducing your baby belly as it triggers the contraction in uterus and thus helps the uterus to attain its normal size by shrinking it. Breastfeeding also burns the extra calories of women means you are burning your calories even when you are resting – isn’t that great?

Belly Wrapping

It is one of the old fashioned but very effective way of toning your abdominal muscles as it is believed that the compression which maternity belts and tucks put on your abs may help the uterus to regain its normal size much sooner. It also helps in back pain or posture problem, usually developed in women after delivery. Go ahead; just try it out by wrapping simple cotton cloth or ‘dupatta’ around your belly or wrap a belt. There are lots of belts which are available in market. But if you have a cesarean, then try this method after taking a go ahead from your doctor.

Warm Water

A glass of warm water in the morning can help you to flush out toxins, it also increase the temperature of our body which therefore increase the metabolic rate and increased metabolic rate burns more calories. Even, try to drink warm water whenever you are thirsty, you can also add lemon into it. Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon will help in breakdown of adipose tissue or body fat.


Hitting the gym may be some time away but light exercises like a walk can be started right away. Try some abdominal exercises after taking a go ahead from your doctor. If your body is ready then plan a workout regime for your abdominal muscles. You can also start doing pranayama as it is quite beneficial and effective in toning your stomach muscles. While exercising keep in mind not to overdo it.

Have Green Tea

Green tea is a good option for reducing your belly fat as it is known to aid fat burning process. It contains antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals and also boost body metabolism which facilitate the weight loss. Make it a habit to take a cup of Green Tea after an exercise. This can tremendously improve your belly weight loss results.

Take massages

A Massage is very beneficial if it is planned after exercise or any other physical activity. Massage can be very useful in reducing your belly fat. A massage can target the particular cellulite laden area which needs more attention. Massaging in those areas can distribute and release the fat into the body for absorption. Massage is also responsible for improving the metabolism and active body metabolism means burning up nutrients which will result in reduced fat.

Avoid empty calories

Say no to empty calories like chocolates, cookies, candies, soda and chips. These carbohydrates convert into the sugar and settle in fat friendly areas. Include healthy food items in your diet like whole grain and low fat dairy products.

Include cabbage in your diet

Include green cabbage in your diet as this will help you in decreasing your post pregnancy belly fat in many ways. It is the best source of dietary fiber which improves nutrient absorption and at the same time maintains the healthy bowel movements. It is a low calorie vegetable which is rich in many essential vitamins such as riboflavin, vitamin B5 and thiamin.

Add Spices To Food

Spices not only improve our taste but also can work wonders in reducing belly weight. Inclusion of spices like cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, long pepper helps not only in improving digestion but also prevents the accumulation of fat inside our body.

Avoid stress

Avoid stress as stress causes the release of hormone cortisol into bloodstream which results in tiredness, irritability and weight gain or retention. High levels of cortisol can also increase your craving for sweet and fatty food. And nursing a baby also means sleepless nights and stress. Try to adjust yourself with the baby’s sleeping regime. Sleep when your baby is sleeping as extra sleep will help your body to wash out stress hormone and can make you feel better emotionally.

Don’t Diet To Get Rid Of ‘Pregnancy Pouch’

A strict diet regime is definitely not recommended after delivery, especially if you are breastfeeding. However, if you put on a lot of weight during pregnancy, watching what you eat. It is a good way to start on losing those extra pounds. To cut down on calories, wait at least 6 weeks to start. And if you are nursing, your milk may also get affected. Eating a healthy, balanced diet with a watchful eye on empty calories along with some gentle exercise can actually help you lose weight effectively.

Stay Away from Self-criticism

Patience is the key for you. It was a nine-months period through which your abdomen stretched to accommodate your baby. So, don’t be in hurry to tighten your belly. Also don’t compare yourself with celebrities as they have lots of other resources and money to spend on hiring the personal trainers, dietitians and chefs unlike normal people. Set your expectations real and stay away from self-criticism.

I hope following the above methods will help you a lot in getting your pre- pregnancy body. Do comment and don’t forget to give your reaction on this article 🙂

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