Quick Tech Life Hacks | 2018 | It is amazing

Life hacks are all the rage nowadays. They come with the promise to make your life easier and more productive. Sometimes these life hacks work super well and blow our minds. Here are some tech-related hacks that are quick to grasp, and can make life more productive or at the very least save you a few seconds.

If you don’t have a microphone, simply plug your ear- or headphones into the microphone jack (if you have one) and start talking. No microphone needed!

You can play old-school games like Tetris, Snake, Pong and more on your Mac. Here’s how: http://bit.ly/1Xcb2he.

To scroll down a webpage, hit Spacebar. To scroll back up, hold in the Shift button and then tap Spacebar.

If you want to zoom a page in on a page press “Ctrl” and “+” (on a Mac it is “Command” and “+”). If you want to zoom out again, press “Ctrl” and “–“ (“Command” and “-“ for Mac Users).

To pause a YouTube video, simply press “K” on your keyboard. Pressing “K” again will play it again. To skip the video forward 10 seconds press “L” and press “J” to rewind 10 seconds.

View a YouTube video as if it’s being displayed on a TV (without all of the usual distraction on the YouTube site like comments) by going to: https://www.youtube.com/tv.

If you want to jot down a quick note while using your Internet browser, simply type “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” into the address bar and it will open up a temporary notepad.

Do you have an online account that you no longer want but don’t know how to get rid of? Sites like AccountKiller.com, JustDelete.me or DeleteYourAccount.com show you how to delete an unwanted account step-by-step.

Have you seen a funny video on YouTube that you want to turn into a GIF? Simply type in “gif” before “youtube.com” and you can create a GIF of any part of the video you’ve chosen.

If you don’t know if a battery is charged, simply drop it on a hard surface! Batteries that no longer have full power or on their way out, will bounce a lot whilst fully charged batteries will simply bounce once or stop completely.

Running really low on printer ink but need that document right now? Change the font colour to #010101 which is 99% grey. It is also said that certain fonts take up less ink than others. For example, Century Gothic takes up less ink than Arial. Other fonts that have low ink usage include Times New Roman and Calibri. There is even a font called Ecofont with tiny holes punched into the characters to reduce ink wastage whilst still maintaining readability.

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